An affair, with poetry

Ye jo jhopadi hai, darr hai ki is bar toophan me kahin ud na jay.
Jayda kuchh to bacha nahi hai, bas teri yadon ka ek baksha hai,
Jisme kuchh purane, tumhare sath bitaye pal hai.
Aur teri baton ki ek bichhawan bachi hai,
Jo pahle ruhani lagti thi ab bas chubhti hai.
Aur teri nakhron ki ek takiya thi, jane kahan chali gayi.
Iski chat me wakt ne kuchh dararen kar di hai,
Socha tha barish ke pahle thik karunga,
Par lagta nahi, uparwale ko manjoor hai.
Aur ye ek ummidon se jar jar darwaja hai jo khulta nahi.
Suna hai ye toophan tumhari or hi le jayegi.

Tere wapas aane ki chah-e-ishaq me kab tak baithe.
ujdenge to kya hua, kam se kam tere pass to pahunche.

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Goddamn reality

Gods are on the clouds, they never come down.
Justice is underground, it never rise up.
Global warming is on rise, so humanity is vapourising.
Fuck off the trust, money is mesmerising.
If you have money, lets do party as other doing.
Goddamn reality.

I went to school, I went to college.
Goddam everyday and everyweek.
I learned heart is clean and sex is dirty.
Still you curve out the later, the former is empty.
Goddamn reality.

we learned everything, what we didnt learned, how to be human.
we shout when other shout, we move when other move.
But we laugh when other cry.
In race of winning, we lost every bit of humanity.
True to cruelty, Goddamn reality

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My Playlist –Jan 13

What a wonderful start of year 2013 for music lovers. I love few songs, released this year,  specially for emollient lyrics and mesmerizing music. Albums Table No 21, Aakash Vani and Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola are awesome. I think, after Udaan, its Aakash Vani of which, every songs have wonderful lyrics and sweet music.


Here, I am rating few songs that have howling lyrics.


1. “Khamakha” from “ Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola”, lyric is penned by Gulzar Sahab. Sung and composed by Vishal Bhardwaj with Prem Dehati in Harianvi folk sound. You will feel special effect when a composer sings on his own composition.


-“ Halki-halki, aanhen bharna. takiye me sar deke dhime dhime, sargoshi me bate karna. pagalpan hai aise trumpe marna……Ye kalish jo hai, wo khamkha nahi. Haan tapish to hai, par khamkha nahi…



2. “Mann Mera” from “Table No 21”. Lyric is penned by Aseem Ahmad Abbasee. Sung and composed by Gajendra Verma.


-“..Kabhi chup-chup rahe, kabhi gaya ye kare. Bin puchhe, teri tarifen sunaya Kare..”



3. “O Sajna” from “Table No 21”. Lyric is penned by Aseem Ahmad Abbasee. Sung and composed by Gajendra Verma.


-“.. Yahin aanshun-wanshu bikharke, humen chain milega marke. Pachhtaten hai tumse dhoka karke….Jaya humpe, ya teri wafa na kar, jane-jaan humko daga de… Tera-mera rishta tha bhul. Tune ek pal me mita dala jaise ho ek dhul. Ab bas main hun, yaadein aur gam ahi, Ab is gamko saari umar sahange hum…”



4. “Bezubaan” from “ ABCD-Any Body Can Dance”. Sung by Mohit Chauhaan & Sachin Jigar feat. Composed by Sachin Jigar.


-“ Hai jo lahu mera, bahta chala. Dekho junoon mera, kehta chala. Khabo ka makkan, jo dahta chala… Bezubaan kabse main raha, Begunaah sahta main raha.. ”



5. ”Oye-Boy charlie” from “ Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola”, lyric is penned by Gulzar Sahab. Composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and sung by Rekha Bhardwaj.


-“..Oye-boy oye-boy Charlie, tune dil ki bazi maar li…oh my dolly dolly, meri vitamin ki goli..”.


All songs of Album Aakash Vani. Lyrics are penned by Luv Ranjan (director) and composed by Hitesh Soni.


6. “ Tera Mera Naam” sung by Shafqat Amant Ali.


-“….Sochke main jisko hashleta hun, itafaq tha, ek majak tha, tera mera naam…”.



7. “Bas Main Aur Tu” sung by Nikhil D’Souza & Vasudha Shara.


-« Diya dhakka rat ko aur ho gayi subah, Nakhrile onsh ko bhi hai liya mana, Chhuti jo bat thi, kar li hai for suru.. ».


8. “Pad Gaye Ji” sung by K.K. and Sunidhi Chaunhan.


-“Tere palkon ki udhari me bikgaye, kho baithe dil, tere dil me tik gaye…”.



9. “Rumani” sung by Thomson Andrews and Shalmali Kholgade.


-“Rumani Aankho ki jaan gazal tumho. Befikr, Biraham jaana katal tumho….”



10. “Crazy Lover” sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan.



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is wakt

Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim and Delhi police’ suppression


Yahan log naam kya, dharm kya, har bat par larte hai,

Bhasha kya, chhetra kya, ye to jajbat par larte hai.

Aaj yahan ek desh me kai desh dikhai padta hai,

Is wakt to sara desh kuruchhetra dikhai padta hai.


Ye lakchhmanrekha ke nam par boti boti noch khate hai,

samaj aur sanskriti ke nam par apne hi bachche kat khate hai.

Aaj humare hi ghar me humari stri abla dikhai padti hai,

Is wakt to sara desh droupadi ki sabha dikhai padti hai.


Lakin is badle wakt me, ab hum na rukenge, na jhukenge,

Tum nind se na jag jao, hum tab tak chillayenge.

Aaj har chowk-chowrahe me ek hi gunj sunai padta hai.

Is wakt to sara desh jallianwala bagh dikhai padta hai.



यहाँ लोग नाम क्या, धर्म क्या , हर बात पे लड़ते  है।

भाषा क्या, छेत्र क्या, हम तो जज्बात  पर लड़ते है।

आज यहाँ   एक देश में, कई देश दिखाई पड़ता है।

इस वक्त तो सारा देश, कुरुछेत्र दिखाई पड़ता है।


हम लछमणरेखा के नाम पर,  बोटी  नोंच नोंच खाते है।

समाज और संस्कृति के नाम पर, अपने बच्चे काट खाते है।

आज हमारे घर में हमारी स्त्री ही, अबला दिखाई पड़ती है।

इस वक्त तो सारा देश, द्रोपदि की सभा दिखाई पड़ती है।


लेकिन इस  बदलते वक्त में, अब हम ना रुकेंगे, ना झुकेंगे।

तुम नींद से ना जाग जाओ, हम तब तक चिल्लाएंगे।

आज हर मुहल्ले में, चौक-चौराहे में, इक ही गूंज दिखाई पड़ता है।

इस वक्त तो सारा देश, जलियांवाला बाग दिखाई पड़ता है।

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Majesty of law

We, most of, do not read our religious epic (granth) but we always ready to argue on any of its text and start comparing with other religion. Not only argue, we are ready to fight and die. We start supporting one point by violating other point of same book. I remember, in childhood, when I was student of Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, a RSS school. There were competitions on public speaking of “sloke”. That time we never understood value of remembering sloke and applying into life. We just saw as only winning prize. But these sloke teach us great “values of life and values in life”.

These thought came in my mind when I read verdict of court on a case, in which, a maulvi forced a young Muslim girl into a wedding with a married man, who allegedly raped her subsequently. The maulvi claimed that the Shariah permitted a Muslim to keep 4 wives at a time and that the girl consented to the marriage.

Just read the statement of additional sessions Judge Kamini Lau on this case. That will provide you more broad view to see a religion, not only yours, others also. We know “Dharm insan ke liye bana hai, insan dharm ke liye nahi”. But we do not understand this simple line.

Ms. Lau said: “The Indian legal system provides sufficient space for religious freedom but whenever any such regressive religious practice come into conflict with the rights of the citizens as enshrined in the Indian Constitution, it becomes obligatory for courts to ensure that it is the majesty of law and the constitutional mandate which prevail.
Jurists are unanimous that in Islamic societies polygamous marriages are permitted but only in certain circumstances, that are primarily in situations where a man’s death has left his widows with no means or support. Polygamy is neither mandatory nor encouraged but merely permitted. The Koran’s conditional endorsement stresses that self-interest or sexual desire should not be the reason for entering into a polygamous marriage. It is a practice associated with the social duty of Islamic men to protect the social and financial standing of widows and orphans in their community. It is equally the duty of the religious heads, priests, maulvis and all those involved in propagating religion to ensure that the religious texts are progressively interpreted and to confirm that it is only those beneficial practices which are in the best interest of all sections of humanity which are encouraged and observed.”

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Wo Patta

Bhawna (emotion) ka koi matrak bana nahi shayad. Shayad isiliye hum, ise kisi chij se jod dete hai aur padhne wale pe chhod dete hai, mahshoos kane ko. Aaj main purani copy se kavita pesh ka raha hun, yaad nahi kab likha tha.


Main wo patta hun

Jo jivan ke badrang daud-bhag me, berang hun nahi|

Jo kushi ki barish me, bhinga nahi, bhingoya gaya nahi|


Main wo patta hun

Jo aasafalta ki chot me, tuta nahi, toda gaya nahi|

Jo Dard ki lahar me, khoya hai, bhulaya gaya nahi|


Main wo patta hun,

Jab tak bika nahi tha, tab tak koi pahchanta tha nahi|

Jab se tumne toda hai, juda nahi hun, joda gaya nahi|


Main us tahni ka patta hun, jisne kabhi mujhe palatkar dekha nahi|

Hum usi tahni ke sath jal gaya, jisse hata nahi, hataya gaya nahi|

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An idea can change your life but can idea change weather? Our scientists suggest so. On any new idea, first we laugh then we are not ready to accept due to its future implication. But persistent practical experiments on every aspect make it feasible. Geo engineering is one of new idea that is highly debated in last UN global warming meeting. It is come out as cheaper and short-cut ideas to cool the planet. As we face and can see, global warming other than terrorism as one of demon that will affect not only mankind but every living being on the earth. Alarming rate of increase of sea water level, increasing with rate of 6 time of what UN predicted. That is the reason, we human being more curious about global warming. That brings such idea. The basic ideas behind the geo-engineering are solar radiation management, Carbon dioxide removal and Heat transport.

Solar radiation management methods include 1) Artificial volcanoes: Adding sun-reflecting chemicals such as stratospheric sulfur aerosols, aluminum oxide particles to the upper atmosphere , simulating the effect of a major volcanic eruption. 2) Cloud whitening – using fine sea water spray to whiten clouds to increase cloud reflectivity. 3) A giant mirror could be placed in space to block some sunlight.

Carbon dioxide removal methods include Ocean fertilization: Large areas of sea are sprinkled with iron or other nutrients to artificially spur growth of phytoplankton, which soak up carbon dioxide.

Heat transport methods include the use of vertical ocean pipes to mix cooler deep water and warmer surface water. This technology has also been suggested to avoid and disrupt the hurricanes (storm that forced to live most power consuming people without power for many days) by Bill Gates and others.

But UN delegates rejected the ideas of geo-engineering and many said proposed solution are little understood and might have side effect more damaging than global warming. They decided better to stick to proven technologies that we know and echoed the efficient use of energy. In near future, this will be more explored to get confidence of people.

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt: Audre Lorde

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