RED–the Colour of love

Is there any thing special with RED colour as compare with other colours. There are so many colours  in this world but why only red colour is used by bride in marriage? Why bride wears red saari? Why  red colour is only used by women on their head as “sindur”? Why colour of blood is red?When a person get angry why his face become red? Why roses are red? Why lips are red? Why menhdi leaves red colour? Why hearts are red? Why the sun is red at time of sunrise and sunset?

In all of the above questions, there is one thing common , that is love and romance.Bride wear red saari to look beautiful and romantic. Roses are red and it is the symbol of love. Lips are red that’s why kiss is the first step of love. Once again red brings love. Women marks with sindur that shows she is dedicated to only one person in this world and he is the only person with whom she wants to do romance. Blood is red and we show special care and love towards the person in direct blood relation. Menhdi leaves red colour that’s why it is used on crucial occasions. Darkness of red colour on hand shows how much the girl love is loved by her lover or husband. At the time of sunset and sunrise, the sun is red and we all know that sunset and sunrise is very romantic moment. You will think  about anger. Why you became angry? Why we became angry when a person, whom we love most, do any thing wrong . Here love makes us angry. Once again love brings the color RED. In hindi we call it  LAL and LAL word is used for son such as a  mother  calls  her son “mere lal” and many times we  also call ourselves  “bharat maa ke lal”.

All of these things happen because Red is a color of love and romance. That’s why our heart is red. In another way we can say “Love makes red or Red brings love”.


3 thoughts on “RED

  1. ok…ok… so you did thesis on red color also……. good.
    the combination of love and red was very nice………
    that is why i always wanted to see you in red…….. no wonder you are very much attracted towards red thats why your project guide is also Mr. LAL….hahhahahhahahhha…….
    jokes apart it was really nice……i am loving it 🙂

  2. ruko ruko….red se itna connection …..mein kahin confuse na ho jayun…
    a nice networking of red and realities……
    the very first tym i heard that u had written a blog on red ……
    the very thing that hit my mind was naxals and its problems here! but how cud i separate u from love…….
    u are going to become love guru soon my frnd!

  3. wowwwwwwww… such a great work. till now( before reading ur post) i did not know that red is having so many qualities. i only thought of anger when it comes to red.. Nice…..

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