3 Idiot Bills!!!

Yesterday govt. brought 3 idiot bills, (1) Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill (2) Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill and (3) Public interest disclosure and Protection to Persons making the Disclosures Bill. These Bills are weapon for the govt, by the govt, of the govt. Actually there is nothing inside pent.

(1) Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill : First major defect in this bill is, it deals with Judge dis-appropriation not for court corruption. That means judge can get maximum removal from service not jail punishment. The Judge whose one decision can cost millions or billions rupees will get no fear taking biased decision. It will be just like a profit loss game.
If a court gets complain against any judge then accused judge have to go through two stage inquiry. First stage inquiry is Insight Committee inquiry and second is Oversight committee inquiry.
(i) Insight Committee inquiry: This committee have 3 members , One former chief justice of India and two will be sitting supreme court judge. That means case against a judge will examen by their brother judge with whom they work every day . that is not look practically justified. If this committee finds any guilty then they will forward complain to oversight committee else they can dismiss the case.
(ii)Oversight committee inquiry: The proposed oversight committee will be headed by a former chief justice of India, the attorney general, A supreme court judge, a chief justice of a high court and an eminent person nominated by the president. We all know our current president Srmt. Partibha Patil is a congress leader, that means it will not a independent body. Indirectly it will become puppet of govt.
This Bill look like madhavan in 3 idiots. “Bas nam ka Engineer(Bill) hai asli chahat to jangli log (politicians) ki seva matlab tasvir kichne ki hai”.
What a govt. need to do is make it an independent body. For making independent body we need to do is a transparent selection process for members. where ruling party, opposition, and court should be considered.

(2) Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill: In this Bill, the major defect is Only 5 members committee will see cases of whole citizens of a state. That is also not look practically feasible.
This Bill look like Sharman Joshi in 3 idiots. For sure ye bich me hi suicide karne wala hai. 5 log, 10 carore public ka bhar kaise sambhalega aur uper se family ki alag se samasya.

(3) Public interest disclosure and Protection to Persons making the Disclosures Bill:This Bill name is lengthy like rancho name and better than other characters. Sidhe sabdon me protection to whistle-blowers Bill. Ye Bill padhna suru kiya to iske Introduction and if & but me phas ke rah gaya.


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