Violence: Means of survival

Yesterday when I was in office, I and my colleagues were discussing on headline of newspaper “A skilled and dictator of North Korea died”. One of my colleagues raised the point, why these countries are pouring so much money in strengthening war weapons & technology and nuclear weapon instead of removing poverty. They have many areas left to be developed other than defence.

His question was natural. Not only these countries, every countries have security as main concern. Take a example a rich and powerful man needs security. Tell me one name any one billionaire, leader, minister, president who don’t need security(except Anna). All keep bodyguard to protect themselves. Like that every powerful country also needs some bodyguard countries.

Start with US-Russia conflict. After World War II, US and Russia emerged as world’s super powers with advanced military muscles. US believe that Russia can become more influential on the basis of “Domino theory”. That means if one country fell under communist influence or control, its neighboring countries would soon follow. So US start interfering around the world and stop spreading of communism. That result the hell of humanity in North-South Korea, North-South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Myanmar… US made military bases in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Philippines, and South Korea. All we know reality of Korea, Vietnam n Afghanistan war. In Vietnam War, US used chemical weapons like “agent Orange”. In 1968, When France pullout from NATO and banned the stationing of foreign nuclear weapons on French soil and ordered US to vacant military bases. That time, US shifted more than 200 fighter Aircraft and return control of the ten major air force bases that had operated in France between 1950-1967. Now you get what bodyguard country mean. Where US were influencing countries on the name of capitalism, military help, economic and social development. Russia was also influencing countries through communism and military help. In US’s home continent, US were controlling almost whole North & South America and its politics for securing home from any war. But Russia became successful to enter in America through Cuba. The whole world knows there was always stationed many Russian Warship with nuclear missiles. That result “Cuba Missile Crisis” in 1962. The world is system of chaos, it will be always on edge of conflict.

After 1991, fall of USSR and rise of China, then war of Iraq and Afghanistan had changed World’s political equation. China made military allies and provided financial help to Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar and other countries. If, moving from dipole world system to multi-pole system, will decrease conflict only time will tell.

It is not only US, Russia, China and Europe have done, India has also done that. India have done that in own limit. India has never treated Nepal and Bhutan as sovereign country and always influence political situation and take care of their external and military affairs. We know role of India in making of Mukti Bahini a Freedom Fighters group in East Pakistan that lead to formation of Bangladesh in 1971. Mukti Bahini members trained by Indian army and also provided artillery. In 1975, why Sikkim joined India as a state of India. In Sri Lanka, India provided artillery to LTTE through RAW. Many LTTE members got training in India by RAW. When situation had got out of control from Sri Lanka govt. Then in 1987, India sent Indian Peace Keeping Force to control situation so that India could bargain with Sri Lanka but under the table Sri Lanka supported LTTE against Peace Keeping Force. In 2001, massacre in the royal palace of Nepal that took life of King Birender , Queen Aishwarya and seven other royal family members. There is evidence of hand of RAW. Many RAW members present in Pakistan. Last few years Nepal became a safe route for terrorist group to enter India. You will be glad to know that after 26/11, Indian investigation agencies have done more than 400 flush out operations in Nepal and caught many terrorist.

You believe it or not but its true, violence is always means of survival. It is bitter truth of nature. War could never be the best solution, Revenge could never be justified. But there is nothing wrong to do so in self defense and to secure future.


2 thoughts on “Violence: Means of survival

  1. ya i agree with you the war for securing future is acceptable….bt my question to you is whose future….we have been at a state of war ever since we were born…war is nt something that is confined to guns and knifes…the feeling of revenge itself is war…be it in your own mind or be it shown to the world….if people think that securing your own future will make you live happily for ever then it is the biggest mistake than a human can make…until and unless you secure the future of the people around you or the people secure their futures around them until then no can be happy…in term as some person is related to some other person in some way or the other so until and unless the whole world is securing the future of the whole world until then war will prevail…my question to you is whether we can do that or act like a selfish man and secure its own future and be in an hypothetical world thinking that he/she will be happy by securing his/her future…

    1. As I said war cud never be best solution, revenge cud never be justified. what is wrong in self defense!!! you cnt ignore the coexistence of good and bad people…you will have to prepare urself to protect from bad people..

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