Breaking News on Independence Day

• Anna Hazare sent Tata Salt packets to all parliamentarian and one special packets to Soniya Gandhi and said “ ek chuti imandari ka namak roj khana aur rahul bachcha ko bhi khilana, dimag bhi tej hoga”.
• After reading News “Brazil is spending $14bn of public fund on world cup (2014) & will also devote on further $11.5bn on the Olympics (2016).” Congress planed to send Kalmadi to Brazil for his assistance and said “ It will help to decrease Current Account deficit of India”.
• Pranab mukherjee’s first speech as president revealed new facts “India need freedom from poverty”.
• After getting asked by New reporter “Aapne poltics me aane ka Team Anna ka tarika chura liya”. Ramdev baba replied “ bhai aapne wo add dekha hai jo tera hai wo mera ha jo mera hai wo mera hai…tera mudda mera andolan..tera ansan mere log..tera mehnat mera bhog”.
• Mamta Benerjee said “we have maid rehabilitation plan for Maoist if they work for us else I will send to jail”. When reporter asked about his comment on judiciary she replied “How dare you to ask question you Maoist”.

At the end, What is biggest road block for India’s growth A. Corruption or B. Inflation? Type A or B and send to *****. Cost of this SMS is Rs. 3. After deducting our cost from the collected money from SMS, it will send to Rahul. Send SMS save country.


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