Movie BARFI!

Movie BARFI make you feel “Breakup only ends relationship not love. Love is un-decayable and it shines whenever light of memories fall on it”. A critically acclaimed movie, but you feel lots of fun, love and emotion. This movie will remind you “PYASHA” the movie of Gurudutt. I can not and should not compare Barfi with Pyasha. Pyasha is an epic movie and that will remembered for magic of Gurudutt. Soul story is same but different kind of presentation. You will love how Anurag Basu used small-small things beautifully to express. Anurag Basu beautifully expressed beauty of Darjeeling and beautiful Ileana D’Cruz, acting capability of Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka chopra.

This is the first movie I watched with my project members. Two shows of Barfi were fully booked for us. Watching movie during office hours and without spending any money with popcorn and cold drink, I can watch any movie even Bengali movie. But Barfi is really a impressive movie.

If you bored with watching Salman Khan’s commitment, doing same kind of movies. If you are not getting Aamir Khan’s experiment movie. If you are fed up with watching Sahrukh khan’s adds on TV. If you like Ajay Devgun’s serious acting. If you bored with watching same kind of Bollywood love story movies. Then watch BARFI for superb acting of Ranvir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra and creativity of Anurag Basu. “MUST WATCH”


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