Super man Vs Common man

We common man grow up with stories of super man (super heroes). Astonishingly every superhero has similar kind of story. At the beginning of story, superhero struggles in life. He likes one girl but girl not even perceives him. Then suddenly he gets super power. He fights with evil people and save life of people and the girl. She becomes his girlfriend. And he becomes superhero and people love him.


Common man have also same story but in reverse order. In the starting of story, in childhood, he is like superhero and people around him love him. He gets one girlfriend. Then suddenly all his powers snatched away from him. Then he starts managing all the things with people  around him but he could not. He tries to make her believe that he loves her but she never perceives him. And rest of his life, he struggles.


@Married (Common) man: replace girlfriend by wife.


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