An idea can change your life but can idea change weather? Our scientists suggest so. On any new idea, first we laugh then we are not ready to accept due to its future implication. But persistent practical experiments on every aspect make it feasible. Geo engineering is one of new idea that is highly debated in last UN global warming meeting. It is come out as cheaper and short-cut ideas to cool the planet. As we face and can see, global warming other than terrorism as one of demon that will affect not only mankind but every living being on the earth. Alarming rate of increase of sea water level, increasing with rate of 6 time of what UN predicted. That is the reason, we human being more curious about global warming. That brings such idea. The basic ideas behind the geo-engineering are solar radiation management, Carbon dioxide removal and Heat transport.

Solar radiation management methods include 1) Artificial volcanoes: Adding sun-reflecting chemicals such as stratospheric sulfur aerosols, aluminum oxide particles to the upper atmosphere , simulating the effect of a major volcanic eruption. 2) Cloud whitening – using fine sea water spray to whiten clouds to increase cloud reflectivity. 3) A giant mirror could be placed in space to block some sunlight.

Carbon dioxide removal methods include Ocean fertilization: Large areas of sea are sprinkled with iron or other nutrients to artificially spur growth of phytoplankton, which soak up carbon dioxide.

Heat transport methods include the use of vertical ocean pipes to mix cooler deep water and warmer surface water. This technology has also been suggested to avoid and disrupt the hurricanes (storm that forced to live most power consuming people without power for many days) by Bill Gates and others.

But UN delegates rejected the ideas of geo-engineering and many said proposed solution are little understood and might have side effect more damaging than global warming. They decided better to stick to proven technologies that we know and echoed the efficient use of energy. In near future, this will be more explored to get confidence of people.

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt: Audre Lorde


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