Religion and conscience



I wonder, is religion outcome of conscience, or conscience is outcome of religion, or both backing each other?

If religion is outcome of conscience then it must be based on truth and reasoning. Reasoning to find truth, which is further developed as faith. So faith comes from finding truth, reasoning and conscience. But, later on, faith becomes so strong that we subdue our conscience, truth and reasoning, and we totally submit ourself to faith. Then what we do, that, our conscience never would allow to do. Resulting dehumanization of human being.

If conscience is outcome of religion, then conscience is not conscience. It is outer voice that we treat it as words of God. And we feel like, it is conscience.

No doubt, Religion is outcome of conscience and which further guide our conscience. Probably, religions are brought to harmonize the conscience of people with conscience of society. But what happen to religions? Why it become so authoritative and rigid. It should and must progress as our conscience progress. In developing faith, first we cultivated the fear of god in people’s mind, and then we distort the will of God through different religious textbook and through mouthpiece of religious leader. Which, latter on, become a deadly cocktail of faith and greed. In which, only poor people grind. Latter on whole society.

After listening this, my friends ask me “so you are an atheist and question existence of god”. I reply “I do believe in God which I call it nature, the Mother Nature”


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