Environment and materialism

We, human beings, often call ourself materialistic. We criticize ourself that we got in habit of materialistic pleasure. Irony is, though we have no respect for material and went for total destruction of material, but we call ourself materialistic. We are converting materials into poisonous gas and substance, and junk.

Concretisation Vs Beautification

Todays, we are covering every bare surface of earth by concrete for beautification. We make footpath, road separator, areas around home concrete. This leads to decrease in groundwater and fall of water table. We cover area around tree by concrete. Along with fall of water table, it leads to dying of trees. We are destroying our mother nature, which will finally lead to destruction of us. Our tendency and attitude toward permanence, so much so that we have created the pyramid of junk, concrete and plastic around us.

Creating unnecessary necessity

We are grown up in mohalla. Where, we can find every shop of day to day needs. Take tea, sweat, vegetables and other things, we can find that in 200-300 meter radius, without burning carbon or using vehicle. We had concept of weekly village mart. This is what, Gandhi called self reliance. But now, we are adopting western design of planning. We are planning cities and extension of cities such a way that, even if we plan to take tea, we have to use vehicle and burn carbon, creating unnecessary necessity. A carbon based economy.


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