Complementary to God

“Are God and confidence complementary?” my nephew asked me. “Means”, I asked. My nephew replied, “we never seen God but we are so much confident about existence of God. So much so that we live in deep fear of God. Why do we not have confidence on ourself that we will not do any wrong rather living in fear of reaction by God? What is result into, fist we do wrong things then go to temple or the Ganga to pray or to take dip to wash our wrongdoings. And believe we have not done anything wrong. We do these things again and again, trapped in loop. Many people, who are successful in life and have confidence on their ability and conscience, declare themselves atheist.”

I replied, “I do not know I get your question rightly and replying you appropriately. I believe, God or worshiping of God creates hope. The hope that despite suffering, anxiety, stress, discontentment, unsatisfactoriness, which are reality of life, future will be good and brighter. If you generate positive emotions inside you with or without worshiping and believing in God, inspite of having negative emotion, it is best. Which is must reflect in your action. We are seeing distortion in all these ideas of worshiping God because of it become business for some and medium to gain power. Wrong things are not done by idea of God but by man itself. Then defend themselves under written religious texts, which are written by man itself! Saying these as word of God!”


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