क्लास भर का प्यार

कई लोगों के प्यार की उम्र शहर बदलने तक ही रहती है। शहर बदलते ही प्यार भी बदल जाता है। बचपन में हमारे प्यार का उम्र भी स्कूल बदलने तक रहता । कभी कभी तो क्लास बदलने तक। क्लास में आखरी बेंच पर बैठने का महत्त्व ही कुछ और है। मैं आखरी बेंच पर बैठता क्योंकि वो भी आखरी बेंच पर बैठती थी। अगर टीचर ने आगे बैठा दिया तो, काफी मशक्कत करनी पड़ती। कभी पेंसिल, कभी रबर गिराने के बहाने देखना पड़ता।

उपरवाला किसीकी इतनी जल्दी सुनता है हमे तब पता चला, जब उसे क्लास का मॉनिटर बना दिया गया। टीचर की अनुपस्थिति में वो बेंच की क्यारियों के बीच घुमा करती। अब देखने के लिए कष्ट न करना पड़ता। किसी को साइड हटकर बैठने को न कहना पड़ता। अब तो जान बूझकर बातें करते। ताकि वो पास आकर बातें करे, मना करे। तब अहंकार और शर्म तो गायब ही हो गयी थी।

उससे बातें करने का मौका तो, उसके रिक्से के पिछे  भागने पर भी न मिल पाई थी। और न ही उसके गली के चक्कर लगाने पर। आपकी हैरानी का मैं जबाब दे दूँ, कि मैं शिशु विद्या मंदिर में पढ़ा हूँ जहाँ लड़कियों को बहन और लड़कों को भैया कर बुलाया जाता। जहाँ लड़कों को लड़कियों से बात करने की अनुमति नहीं थी। बात करने पर पनिशमेंट मिला करती थी। हम रक्षाबंधन के दिन स्कूल नहीं जाया करते थे।

पर अब लगता था की उसे इस बात का अहशास हो जायेगा। पर वह अहसाश, अहसाश ही रह गया, जब अगले दिन क्लास टीचर ने मुझे क्लास में खड़े करके जमकर फटकार लगाई। कुछ डण्डे भी पड़े। उस वक्त, इस बात का रोना नहीं आया की डांट पड़ी, डण्डे पड़े। इस बात की कि वो मेरा शिकायत कैशे कर सकती है। फिर दोस्तों के तने। तबतो वो सिलसिला जारी रहा कई दिनों तक। कुछ दिनों बाद क्लास टीचर ने धमकी दे डाली कि अगले संडे मैं तुम्हारे घर आ रहा हुँ.। बस वो प्यार, क्लास भर का प्यार बनकर रह गया।


Violence: Means of survival

Yesterday when I was in office, I and my colleagues were discussing on headline of newspaper “A skilled and dictator of North Korea died”. One of my colleagues raised the point, why these countries are pouring so much money in strengthening war weapons & technology and nuclear weapon instead of removing poverty. They have many areas left to be developed other than defence.

His question was natural. Not only these countries, every countries have security as main concern. Take a example a rich and powerful man needs security. Tell me one name any one billionaire, leader, minister, president who don’t need security(except Anna). All keep bodyguard to protect themselves. Like that every powerful country also needs some bodyguard countries.

Start with US-Russia conflict. After World War II, US and Russia emerged as world’s super powers with advanced military muscles. US believe that Russia can become more influential on the basis of “Domino theory”. That means if one country fell under communist influence or control, its neighboring countries would soon follow. So US start interfering around the world and stop spreading of communism. That result the hell of humanity in North-South Korea, North-South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Myanmar… US made military bases in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Philippines, and South Korea. All we know reality of Korea, Vietnam n Afghanistan war. In Vietnam War, US used chemical weapons like “agent Orange”. In 1968, When France pullout from NATO and banned the stationing of foreign nuclear weapons on French soil and ordered US to vacant military bases. That time, US shifted more than 200 fighter Aircraft and return control of the ten major air force bases that had operated in France between 1950-1967. Now you get what bodyguard country mean. Where US were influencing countries on the name of capitalism, military help, economic and social development. Russia was also influencing countries through communism and military help. In US’s home continent, US were controlling almost whole North & South America and its politics for securing home from any war. But Russia became successful to enter in America through Cuba. The whole world knows there was always stationed many Russian Warship with nuclear missiles. That result “Cuba Missile Crisis” in 1962. The world is system of chaos, it will be always on edge of conflict.

After 1991, fall of USSR and rise of China, then war of Iraq and Afghanistan had changed World’s political equation. China made military allies and provided financial help to Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar and other countries. If, moving from dipole world system to multi-pole system, will decrease conflict only time will tell.

It is not only US, Russia, China and Europe have done, India has also done that. India have done that in own limit. India has never treated Nepal and Bhutan as sovereign country and always influence political situation and take care of their external and military affairs. We know role of India in making of Mukti Bahini a Freedom Fighters group in East Pakistan that lead to formation of Bangladesh in 1971. Mukti Bahini members trained by Indian army and also provided artillery. In 1975, why Sikkim joined India as a state of India. In Sri Lanka, India provided artillery to LTTE through RAW. Many LTTE members got training in India by RAW. When situation had got out of control from Sri Lanka govt. Then in 1987, India sent Indian Peace Keeping Force to control situation so that India could bargain with Sri Lanka but under the table Sri Lanka supported LTTE against Peace Keeping Force. In 2001, massacre in the royal palace of Nepal that took life of King Birender , Queen Aishwarya and seven other royal family members. There is evidence of hand of RAW. Many RAW members present in Pakistan. Last few years Nepal became a safe route for terrorist group to enter India. You will be glad to know that after 26/11, Indian investigation agencies have done more than 400 flush out operations in Nepal and caught many terrorist.

You believe it or not but its true, violence is always means of survival. It is bitter truth of nature. War could never be the best solution, Revenge could never be justified. But there is nothing wrong to do so in self defense and to secure future.

Bodybuilder “Samoshawala”

It was 10:35’O clock in the morning. I went to a samosha shop after gym. Which has in the way of my house. I said “Chhotu 4 samoshe pack kar dena”. A very thin boy aged about 17-18 year asked me “sirf samosha”. I replied “haan”.
During packing samosha, he asked me “dada, aap gym jate ho”. I remembered, few days back he was asked me same question. I said “last week bhi tumne yahi sawal puchha tha”.
He said “ haan dada, mujhe aapse ye puchhna tha ki aap kaun sa gym jate ho aur kab”.
I asked “ achha kahan rahte ho”.
He replied “ yahi rahta hun, jab dukan khula rahta hai to dukan ke andar aur jab band rahta hai rat me to dukan ke bahar yahi bagal me bichhawan laga ke so jata hun”.

For few seconds, I could not ask any thing. Then he handover the samosha. I was in hurry but I cant stop my self to ask “tumhara ghar kahan hai”. He smiled in timid. I said “kya hua”. He replied looking down, “ mera ghar bihar me hai. Ek saal pahle ghar se bhag gaya tha”.
I asked “ kyun “. He replied “ wo jab tak maa jinda thi tab tak khana mil jata tha kisi tarah, jab maa mar gayi to khana bhi nahi milne laga, aur baap ko koi matlab nahi rahta”.

That time I was unable to ask anything about his past life. After few seconds, I asked “ to tum gym jana chahte ho”. He replied “Main gym jata hun roj subah 6 baje, yahin bagal me Krishna gym”.

I asked “ tumko utna paise bach jate hai”. He replied” main gym wale ko paisa nahi deta. Uske badle main roj gym ki safai kar deta hun. Aur uske badle mujhe kuchh der gym karne dete hai. Par 7 baje ke pahle bhaga dete hai. Wo kuchh mam log aati hai 7 baje gym.

I asked “ kaun kaun sa exercise karte ho”. He replied “ kuchh-kuchh gymwale bhaiya ne batay hai, wahi karta hun. Jayda nahi bataya. bolte hai gym karke kahan jayega. Itna bataya hai ki ek din me ek hi exercise karo; hanth ek din me, chest ek din me, pet ek din me”.
I said “ badhiyan, aise hi karte ho. tumhara bhi ban jayega”. Before I could move away , he said “ bhaiya , aap kuchh tips do na”. I said “ Main point in gym, himmat kabhi mat harna. Patience rakhna. Agar saal lage, lagne do, bas karte ho. Fir ek din tumko bhi koi aake bolega nice body. Dusri bat, jis din jis body part ka exercise kar rahe ho dhiyan rahe pain sirf usi part me hona chahiye. Jaise agar biceps kar rahe ho, aur pain shoulder me ho raha hai matlab ki tum galat tarike se exercise kar rahe ho, tabhi apna position thik karo. Aaram se karo. Haan khana ache se khao. Anda khate ho”? He replied “ aanda wala bagal me lagata hai, wahan bhi kuchh kaam kar dunga, ande ka bandobast ho jayega.

I said “ aur third important bat, bodybuilding me jitna exercise important hai watna hi aram bhi. Aram ache se karma. He replied “ wahi to nahi milta, yehi ek chij hai jo mere hanth me nahi. Jab jage raho to malik paresan karta hai, aur jab so jao to gadi ke horn paresan karte hai”.
I said “koi nahi, apna patience kabhi nahi khona, aur isi tarah mehnat karte raho”. I have so much sympathy for him but I know, my sympathy can make me feel better, that ll not gonna solve his problem.

Chamakti duniya ka kala sach, aur kali raton ke chamakte sapne……

(In India, According to the statistics given by Indian government there are 20 million child laborers in the country, while other agencies claim that it is 50 million.)

platinum moment


24 march 2004, the most awaited day of ma life. Main aur mere dost us samay ranchi me hostel me raha karte the. 3 meter unchi diwar ke bhitar ki duniya jo ki kabhi dilchashp aur sundar thi aur kabhi himmat tor deni wali akelapan. 23 march 2004 ko humara class 10 board ka akhari paper tha aur phir 24 march ko ghar pe aur iss ummid se ki kabhi wapas nahi aana.

Ye ek aisa pal tha jab apka dil kabhi rone ka dil chahta aur kabhi khush hokar jhumne ko. Ek taraf aap un doston ko chhhorne wale the jiske sath aap 5 saal se rah rahe the jiske sath har khushi har gum bante aur aaj aap use alag ho rahe the. Aur dusri taraf aap apne ghar ja rahe the humesha ke liye .15 ghante safar ke bad main gaon pahuncha.pata nahi kyun us samay mera gaon kaphi badla badla laga raha tha. Dukane badh gayi thi aur sahar ke logon ke dil ki tarah kai ghar pakke ke  ho gayi thi. Jo nahi badla wo tha sarake aur wo hare hare khet aur aam ke bagiche. Ab bina dakhalandaji ke kahin bhi aa ja sakta jo ki hostel me campus ke bahar bina permission ke niklna mana tha aur permission bhi sam me milta wo bhi ek ghante ke liye aur kabhi kabhi.

Bahot kam logon ko pata hoga ki Bhagalpur me ganga me 60 km ka preserved DOLPHIN area hai.jo bhagalpur aur kahalgaon ke bich parta hai. Aur mera gaon uske kinare. Main aur mera bhai roz khet me gumne jate aur fir nadi ke kinare baithte. Us samay na result ka tension na kisi ke dant ka. Result ka tension isliye bhi nahi tha kyunki agar kharab  hua to Bhagalpur me rahunga fir har weekend pe gaon me rahunga. Lakin mera result thora thik ho gaya aur mujhe admission ranchi me karana para. Mujhe pata tha ye do saal mere life ka important saal hai. Par mujhe ranchi aane ka man nahi tha. yahin gaon me sabke sath rahun.

Ek din aachanak mere papa mujhe bolte hai ki maa bhi mere sath jayegi wahi ranchi me rahegi. Aur ye wo pal tha jisse sambhalna mere bas ki nahi tha.jab main suna to kuchh der ke liye ruk sa gaya. Dimag pura khali ho chukka tha mujhe samajh me nahi aaya ki ye ho kaise gaya. Main 3 saal ka tha jab maa se dur gaon chhor ke gaya tha aur 13 saal bad mujhe maa ke sath rahne ka mauka mil raha tha. Sach kahte hai log ki jayda khushi bhi sambhalna muskil ho jata hai.fir ek jadojahad anshu rokne ki par fir rok nahi paya.ye pal mera sabse khushnuma pal tha. Ye din main kabhi nahi bhul sakta.

Khushi kab aapke kadam chum le ye koi nahi kah sakta . ek pal pahle main maus tha.beman se jar aha tha aur ek pal bad main khushi sepagal ho gaya tha. Kuchh chije hoti hai jise aap kabhi yaad  karna bhi nahi chahte par aapka  man, dil,dimag aapko wahan bar-bar le jata hai hai aur fir bhawanao ke ghane badal aapke palak pe name bekhrne lagti hai….